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morning. it is january # 1st. off in the distance, the washington monument. things looking pretty good right now. we've got some changes headed our way. more on that in just a second. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us this thursday morning. tucker barnes is with us all morning as wells with as we get set for changes. nothing going to affect us during the day. >> no proems today. evening commute should be just fine. it is the nighttime hours tonight, particularly overnight into the morning commute tomorrow morning that we have the potential for some problems here in washington. worst of it will be north and west steeft where we'll have the icy snow, sleet, freezing rain mixture. three there could be some accumulations particularly north and west of the city. we could have our share of problems too here in washington. this won't be a major, major storm for washington, d.c. itself. here is your hd radar. this is your storminess off to the south and west. you can see the flashing so plenty of energy with this system. bottom line, looks like the rain arr
of mistreating animals. the washington humane society said that gilman was placed he and two others left over the weekend. the humane society won't comment on why they left and calling it a personnel matter. >>> be smart about using your smartphone. the warning from d.c. police saying street robbers are on the rise and the hot target for criminals right now, iphones and other pdas. police are urging people to use common sense and be aware of their surroundings. >>> what will you be driving in the future? the answer mean here. as we take you inside the washington auto show next. >>> and police break up a dan party. did the cops violate the rights? what a judge has to say about that after the break.  following breaking news out of the auto industry. toyota is suspending sales of eight models of cars involved in a recall. the company recalled the eight vehicles last week do you to a problem with the accelerator pedal sticking. the recall includes 2.3 million vehicles, including the rav 4, toyota camry, avalon, highlander and sequoia. the toyota is suspending sales of all of those vehic
half, the former wizards guard roger mason shows washington what it's missing, drains the jumper, two of the 20 points, the spurs led 74-71. >>> now, leading by 8 with under a minute to gjenobli with the defense and throws up an amazing shot. that and the foul shot. the spurs beat the wizards 97- 86. after the game, gilbert arenas answered questions about bringing guns to the a rope. >> i agree. that is bad judgment on my part, you know, storing them here. i take responsibility for. that. >> the okay corral. was that just a joke? >> i'm a jokester, i know. nothing in my life is serious. i had to deal with the police investigation, that is what i had to deal with. >> you have spoken with them yet? >> no. i will deal with that on monday. >> reporter: two tocollege hoops, george mason tested on new year to bounce back from the worse loss in six years. the patriots turn a 27-point pounding by radford into a victory over old dominion. they beat georgetown two weeks ago. we start in the final seconds of the first half. the game tied at 28. kim long, the 3-pointer and gets the friendly bounc
that way? >> oh, you know. >> yeah, you got it. here in washington, no problems at this hour. but off to the south and west, we have our developing storm system. it will be making a trek generally towards the mid- atlantic. it will kind of brush us and our temperatures will be kind of marginal to support a lot of renter weather. but nevertheless, we have a winter storm watch that will go into effect tonight nto tomorrow for areas off to the north and west of the city. we are expecting accumulating snow and some freezing rain. the counties in white, a winter storm warning, that includes places like charlottesville that. goes into effect tonight into the daytime hours tomorrow. currently, our temperatures are getting chilly. 4 here in washington. winds are out out -- out of the northeast at nine miles per hour. just increasing clouds today. the morning and evening commute should be just fine. but as we greet into the nighttime hours, we'll see rnfaland that will slowly transition here in washington over to the wintry mix tomorrow morning. >> thank you. >>> let's say good morning to jul
♪ good evening from washington. i'm shepard smith. we are just moments away from president obama's state of the union on fox. the president expected to walk in the chamber in 90 second said -- seconds. the two-thirds of the president's address wl focus on the president's economy. there is doublit unemployment a soaring deficit. president obama will speak to the correct political divide in dc. according to the excerpts of the speech released the president will say there is deep and corosive doubts about how washington works. on health care, the president is to urge congress to keep pushing for reform and not walk away from the americans who need medical coverage and care. of course, this speech falls in a shadow of a changing political landscape. one that has seen his poll numbers fall and parties lose senate seats. he will change his agenda and abandon big spending plans. we'll hear from governor from virginia bob mcdonnell. tonight he has a chance to change the tone of the nation and quiet the critics and maybe breathe new life in his agenda. it will all come down to what he say
." the political winds of change rattle washington. in the wake of scott brown's upset win, will president obama be forced to reshape his agenda? we will ask one of his closest advisors, white house press secretary robert gibbs in a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then republicans celebrate their victory in massachusetts, but have their eye on a bigger prize in november. we'll handicap g.o.p. chances to cut in the democratic majority with john cornyn, chairman of the republican senate campaign committee. and the obama administration takes aim at wall street again. we'll ask our sunday regulars if this new poplism is smart politics and good business. all right now on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. joining us now, one of the president's top advisors, white house press secretary robert gibbs. robert, welcome back. >> thank you for having me, chris. >> chris: let's start with the effort to get ben bernanke a second term as chairman of the federal reserve. do you now have the 60 votes you need for confirmation? >> i think you saw the statement from judd greg the republican a
. further out to the west, that is a winter storm warning. that will not impact the washington area. current temperatures, i'll show you these but i want to mention a couple of spots where we do no temperatures are at or below freezing right now. winchester # 2 degrees. chantilly, 31 degrees, ashburn, 31. -- winchester, 32 degrees. warrenton, 31. these are some of the spots now where we could see some icing when the precipitation gets there. you want to be a little concerned about that. >>> hears a look at the forecast for today. morning time, light rain, sleet and snow possible. little or no accumulation. some ice in some spots. 38 for your high today. so it will be a cold day. more details in just a few minutes. >>> also, shenandoah county schools in virginia are closed this morning. that is our first closing. s with a get more, we'll pass them along. >> good morning. we keeping an eye on the wet pavement. with those temperatures flirting below the freezing mark in some areas, we are concerned with a light glaze if you will that could cause some slick spots on the roads. anything that look
on the repairs this morning. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 continues right now. >>> take a look at the washington monument this morning. a litt shaky, a little breezy out there. temperatures above freezing here in the nation's capital at 37 degrees. that is not the case everywhere. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. we do have some school closings an delays. >> closed today are shenandoah and warren county schools in virginia as well as garrett and the allegheny county schools in maryland. fauquier and frederick county virginia schools are also closed. the following schools are on the a two-hour delay, west virginia, grant being hampshire, mineral, morgan, hardy, jefferson berkeley county schools are on a two hour delay. >> that two-hour time frame i guess will be kind of critical today as well as the temperatures. >> the temperatures are key. where we are seeing the temperatures at or below freezing, that is where we are seeing some icing. maybe a little snow out there as well but most of what we're seeing off to the west is sleet mixed in
morning news continues at 6:00 right now. >>> stafert you off with a view of the washington monument this morning. ments another cold one out there. 29degrees at reagan national airport on this wednesday morning, january 6th. thank you for waking one fox 5 morning news. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> garrett county, maryland schools are delayed by two hours. >> a two-hour delay for the cotocton area and its feeder schools. that is just for that area. not the entire county. all the other schools in frederick county will be opening on time this morning. >> it is always colder out to the west and north and they see a little bit more snow than we see. i guess that is the case here as well. >> algain yip county mountain ridge school district also delayed as well. >> i'll tell you what is happening with our weather conditions around the region. we'll start by taking a look at hd radar. because there are a few snow flurries out there. some snow showers here and there as you can see. right here by looking at the radar. not as widespread as we were seeing yesterday but still
. in the statement, the ceo said that you can be certain wewill make our points very clearly and in washington. the transportation safety administration has plans to send high-level on to the airports and discuss security procedures including a controversial full-body security scanner. in new york, laura ingalls, fox news. >>> american airlines in the hot seat and an illness spread us through a local senior living center. we're everywhere at 11. >>> the faa is watching american airlines closely after three dangerous landings last month. this is video from december 22nd when a plane overshot the runway in jamaica during a george and two other landings, the jet's wing tips touched the ground. the faa officials say they're looking to see if there is a larger problem here. the airline said it's cooperating with the investigation. >>> and an assisted living center shutting the doors due to a strange illness. some in woodbridge have come down with flu-likeitism soms. no visitors are allowed for the time being. the health department said that one, once residents start to feel better, they will lift t
weather in wash you -- in washington you have to be ready for it. it's possible we could see sleet, snow and freezing rain across the washington area. i'll show you the satellite radar and again at this hour no problems. increasing clouds. showing you the clouds on the southern and southwestern horizon. increasing throughout the day and eventually the clouds will win out and the rain will start to move in. it moves in after 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. so the commute this morning and later today should be just fine, we're concerned about the overnight hours later tonight. winter storm watch, it looks like the worst of this is off to the north and west. here in town, no advisories at this hour but we do have a winter storm watch issued for counties well off to the west and north and west of washington, including martinsberg, hagerstown is under a winter storm watch going into affect later tonight and through the afternoon on friday. and counties in white is upgraded to a winter storm warning. and the heaviest accumulations, 2-4 inches of snow and freezing rain and sleet as well, are most likely
kidnapping. the coroner has not said how she died. >>> the washington wizards are playing at home forthe first time since two of its stars were accused of pulling guns on each other. gilbert arenas and tarvaris crittenton pulled guns on each other. >> reporter: the washington wizards are hosting the at the verizon center. the talk of the down is this gun violation charge involving two washington wizards. froifz player gilbert arenas and javaris crittenton. the associated press is quoting and unnamed nba official that said the league was already investigating an incident between arenas and an unnamed other player. that incident involved carped playing and gambling debts and a heated discussion between the players. no guns were mentioned. the league had begun its investigation into whatever the incident was. then the new york post broke the story on friday that the two men apparently drew guns on each other here in the ocker room at the verizon center. now, neither man has forthrightly answered press inquiries as to what exactly went on. they're sort of clamming up. arenas has twittered a
. >> looking ate couple of interesting stats about jim zorn's time here, two years with the washington redskins, going 1-20 during those two years. he has tied with steve spurrier for thworst redskin coaching record. that was a minimum of two years. one other thing we want you guys to see, worst pots per game by a redskin coach, that also belongs to jim zorn. the next head coach to come in here with the redskins will be the seventh since dan snyder bought the team in 1999 so consistency has been a big issue here at redskins park. players are expected to be here around 11:00 a.m. hopefully, we'll get reaction from them and a press conference scheduled at 12:30. >> the only thing consistent is the inconsistency. >> that is pretty much it. >>> much more ahead on that big stopper toy. dave ross joins us live in about a half hour. >>> gilbert arenas set to meet with law enforcement officials today about allegedly bring a gun to verizon center. he asked in, quote, batted judgment for bringing guns to the locker room. he and a teammate reportedly drew the guns on each other in a argument over gamblin
everywhere. >> reporter: and probably always will be. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> the news keeps on coming tonight. coming up in just a few minutes, brian bolter will kick off the news edge at 11:00. >>> hats, scarves and winter coats. that's the only way to stay warm in the frigid cold. if you don't have to go outside tonight, consider yourself lucky. we're getting rocked by another round of bitter cold temperatures. tonight it's getting down into the teens. won't get much warmer all weekend long. gary mcgrady in the weather center to start us off tonight. >> reporter: thanks, brian. turn the cold stuff off. unfortunately it's going to take several days before we can do that. yesterday morning just to give you an idea what kind of cold snap this is, it's a record setting cold snap. it was over 70 record setting temperatures out there. this morning we had snow flying as far south as florida. so this cold air going all the way down into the deep south. let me show you our windchill values. this is what it feels like when you get out there. 12 degrees here in th
. >> this is irresponsible management 101. i think that should be taken into account. >> according to the "washington post," the statement from rhee is expected this morning. stay tuned for fox 5. coming up in our 7:00 hour, we'll talk live with d.c.ouncil member michael brunn and also george park are, who is the president of the washington teachers union about this issue. >>> washington wizards player javaris crittenton and in court yesterday to address the locker room confrontation with gilbert arenas. he plead guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge because he feared arenas would shoot him or blow up his car after a dispute. crittenton will meet with nba officials today. >>> the supreme court has refused to hear the appeal of a man on virginia's death role. paul warner powell killed a 16- year-old girl and raped her sister at their manassas home in 1999. justices did not comment on why they decided not to hear powell's appeal. >>> leaders in hatesy are making an urge anticipate peel for 200,000 tents. they are needed before the rainy season begins in may. right now, those left homeless are using anything th
. that is a lot of money. he makes a lot of money. it's not a good scenario right now for the washington wizards. >> we have paul wagner working on the legal side of this story. hang tight -- all right. we can go back to dave feldman. he is in ashburn. i know you are grabbing your notes to talk about mike shanahan. talk about a lot of money, that guy is making a lot of money. >> he is making million a year. it's what he made in denver. tied for the highly paid coach in the nfl. he is the head coach and executive vp of football operations. that means gets to make the financial decision but he hopes it doesn't come down to that. he is the 28th coach in redskins history, the 7th under dan snyder's regime. at the press conference in the facility, coach had glowing remarks for his new boss and mike shanahan is glad to be the head coach. >> never met a guy that is more positive, more passionate about the washington redskins, his desire to do things the right way, give me every opportunity in this organization, every opportunity to be successful. th doesn't happen very often in the nfl. >> lindsay mur
. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> now to consumer alert about all those late night infomercials you see. consumer reports have put the products to the test and warns you'll be lucky if any of the items work as promised. like the slap chop dicer. consumer reports tested out the chopper and found it chops unevenly. food got trapped in the blades and it failed to completely remove onion skins. testers also tried out the snuggy. brian has a few of these at home. they say they tripped over it when they walked, it shed a lot of lint when it was washed. if you'd like to know more about some of the other items, you can go to and click on web links for the test results on 15 other products. >>> metro working to keep riders satisfied in the wake of a rough year. the agency is trying to improve its safety image with new ads but one of those ads is raising some eyebrows. check out this ad boasted on the blog unsuck d.c. metro. the poster shows a group of about 60 metro bus drivers, these are just some of the metro bus operators who knows what this means to go farther, they have driv
january day. so there you go. let's take a look at awsht fat airport, 32 degrees -- washington national airport, 32 degrees. we have clear skies across washington now. i do expect some of those clouds to work their way in here a little bit later on today. but again today, i think we'll go with partlysony skies. mostly sunny i think this morning though. forecast for today, an average january day. winds will be lighter than they were yesterday. 44degrees for your high in town. 46 in fredericksburg. 41 in frederick, maryland. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. stick with us for that. >> let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> traveling around the beltway right now, not so bad. we do have the lanes open as you continue to work your way between oxon hill and alexandria down south at the wilson bridge. you will find if you are traveling northbound on 95, you will find lanes are open there as well leaving stafford and conning up past fredericksburg. this is the live shot of the commute head north of lorton and continuing up into that
in yellow and orange. now, right around the washington area, the rain is has dissipated at this moment. we've got a little bit of a break there in the district and inside the beltway. elsewhere, continuing to see rain showers and more rain will be moving through during the course of the morning hos i think until at least mid- morning, maybe late morning before most of this pushes out of here. advisories, now, there is a lot going on as far as advisories go and frankly, the computers i think are a little bit out of whack because of everything that is going on. simply put, we have a flood watch that is in effect, a flash flood watch in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. there is actually a coastal flood warning in effect until 6:00 this evening along the piedal potomac, portions of the chesapeake bay and the like. farther out to the west, that area in red, that is a flood warning that is in effect until a little bit later on this morning. and i mentioned the wind advisories. so a lot going on. right now, reagan national airport, mild start to the day. 60degrees, believe it or not. that is not
that. you are not seeing snowfall and indeed, in most of washington, d.c. right now, we are not seeing snowfall. let me take a look at hd radar. we'll show you what is going on out there. first of all, as we see the snow is really pushing off to the east as expected. in d.c., no snow. we are still seeing snow in waldorf, la plata, chesapeake beach, off to the east. annapolis, it is not snowing there. you might be getting a flurry or something like that that is not showing up on radar but the bulk of the snow has pushed off to the east. we'll show you some snowfall totals later on this hour. the highest totals we've seen have been up towards two inches and that is about it as expected. the storm system making its way eastward. now, lingering snow -- i wouldn't say lingering snow. it is still snowing in northern pennsylvania, upstate new york, places like that. new jersey, snow there so if you are traveling up to the northeast, you mayen counter some delays but for us, most of the snow pushing off to the east. there is another little band shaping up out to the west. as i said earlier, ca
and low 50s. not there yet. we're still cold. temperatures here in washington still below 32. we're 30 at reagan national. you can see coles, dulles, 24, and in fredericksberg. but with a little sunshine working in we should see a gradual improvement and much like yesterday our daytime highs will be back into the low 50s. there is your satellite radar. a few more clouds in the forecast. a cold front off to the north and west will bring more clouds into the forecast. so a partly sunny afternoon. that's really the only change to talk about today. other than that, it should be another nice, very decent friday for us. partly sunny skies expected and mild for this time of year. we'll go with a high temperature of 52. the winds will be nice and lightut of the west and southwest at about 5-10 miles per hour. nice looking start to the weekend. then changes for the day on sunday. i'll have more details on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. allison, tony, back to you at the desk. >>> the window for trapped earthquake survivors in haiti is beginning to close now sadly. in the meantime, r
on the forecast. back to you guys. >>> washington has been telling us to wait for cades. even as the problems have grown worse. meanwhile china is not waiting to revamp its economy. germany is not waiting. well i do not accept second place for the united states of america. >>> president barack obama makes his flee to congress and the country as he delivered his first state of the union address. the president delivering a strong message last night. >> and today he hits the road starting to sell some of the ideas he outlined in last night but he also is not backing away from his agenda. >>> the president of the united ates. >> reporter: greeted by the traditional standing ovation, the president acknowledged that this has been a rough year. >> despite our hardships, our union is strong. >> reporter: and getting stronger he argued, despite unpopular policies like the bailout of the financial sector. >> i hated it, you hated it, it was about as popular as a root canal. >> reporter: and moving forward, he told congress his top priority will be jobs. he touted tax cuts and new incentives for small busine
across the washington area. we'll take a few more hours to get the sunshine out but once wedo it should be a mild afternoon. 42 at reagan national, that's not bad for this time of day. 4in ocean city and 42 in hagerstown. our afternoon high temperatures, we have clearing skies, top out in the low 50s. 51 here in washington. winds out of the north and west at 15. so it will feel cooler than that but all in all a nice looking day for our martin luther king. let's get to lauren demarco and she's in with a look at our on- time traffic and i'm assing things are relatively quiet. >>> things are quiet. we're seeing light volume due to the holiday. we have holiday scheduling for metro, marc and vre, no service. and expect delays at grosvenor. no problems on the beltway. passing connecticut avenue. 270 looks good. appreciating the beltway into the inner loop, we have some police activity here to the left of the ramp, not causing much of a delay with the lighter volume. 66 looks great. no problems on 95 as you make the trip up from fredericksberg. here we are at the mixing bowl in springfield. ev
in for steve chenevey this hour. live shot of downtown washington. happy new year to you. happy new year to you as well. >> you too. >> and to tucker barnes. >> tucker celebrated for the both of us last night. >> which i can't believe. >> i was up late. >> he thinks' still 30. >> i am still 30. >> i know we all kind of je about making new year's resolutions but it is, whether it is literally or figuratively, sort of a way to put the past behind you and move on. >> it is. move on and hope for better things. >> so we'll move on from that recent weather we had around here yesterday and we're featuring a little sunshine today. >> that will be great. >>then after thatwe won't want to talk about the weekend. but for today, thins look great. well,hings look better. 34t reagan national. some fog to the west and south of washington. we have a dense fog advisory for much of central and southern virginia just to let you know that. out to the west, gurvir reported a little fog on her ride in. >> a lot. >> and there is the possibility of refreezing on some of those surfaces. we have had rain, snow and sleet
temperatures have dropped below 32. here in washington, we are 35, 36 so we'll be just fine. off to the west and northwest, there will be some slick spots. there are some spots where we have dense fog forming. it should be an okay day. i think there will be at least a little sunshine in your forecast. you can see the rain showers an even a little bit of winter weather activity. you can see that things have really quieted down here. it is actually going to be a little milder than it's been. 35 at reagan national. we are fine here. there are your winds out of the north. the wds will start to fire up and they are going to get breezy, if not gusty at times late this afternoon as we have one in a series of arctic storms start to move through. the cold air will arrive tonight. if you like cold temperatures, you will love this five-day forecast. >> i like the cold. i just don't like the wind with it. if we could get the wind out of here. >> they go together, don't they? >> sometimes. >> if you live in wyoming, i know they do. >> not a lot of traffic to talk about today so just be aware we won't ve
through new york, philadelphia and washington, d.c. and we continue to be dealing with both a flood watch and wind advisory which will be in affect until 10:00 a.m. thed into watch until 1:00 p.m. 31 miles per hour is the move recent -- the most recent gust in washington, d.c. 32 in baltimore. you get the idea. and the mild temperatures, let me mention it's great out there temperature wise. 60 at reagan national. 62 at dulles. 57 at bwi marshall. the temperatures will slowly fall back during the course of the day. and there is a quick look at the five-day forecast. i'll have more details coming up but 61 for an afternoon high. that's it for weather. back to you at the desk. >> tucker, thank you very much. >>> we're going to check in with sarah simmons now. she's live in bethesda this morning. crews there are dealing with downed trees and power lines. sarah, good morning. >> well good morning to you both. crews have been here since 3:00 this moing trying to work on this tree that is down on the power lines and you can see behind me it is still there. we have workers here from pepco, also m
national reporting one tent of an inch of snow. ray dan is the official site for washington, so washington barely a trace. forecast for today looks like this: after we get the snow out of here, the forecast looks like this: we will see for us during the course of the day today some sunshine work its way in here later on, but it will become rather windy later today and our high temperatures only in the low 30s, 32 in alexandria, 33 in baltimore, 31 in chantilly, we'll go with 33 for a high in the district. that's a look at the weather, let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. >>> we're talking about icy patches out there. they just kind of pop up on us. callers are reporting in on the outer loop of the beltway as you come around the big curve, 270 merges onto the beltway. we're receiving reports of icy conditions there. we pulled the camera up, it's blurry unfortunately at eisenhower avenue, outer loop of the beltway, right lane is blocked up, disabled truck causing a backup from telegraph road. for the most part our interstates looking pretty good. our secondary roads are questi
for the high. waldorf 51 and in washington, d.c. 50 for a high today. that's a look at the weather. now let's get more on the rush hour traffic with julie wright. >>> we're talking about headed into d.c. right now and it's not going to be easy along 13th street. between irving and kenon is where we have the crash and in bound lanes are blocked. no incidents to report on along the suitland parkway. slow toward sterling. top side of the beltway, the outer loop below speed from college park into silver spring. southbound 95 and 295 incident free out of laurel. no accidents reported leaving riverdale and cheverly. along 95 you'll find along the left side of the screen is the northbound commute and it's jammed up traveling from woodbridge toward lorton, springfield to duke street off of 395. southbound 7100 toward terminal boulevard, stay to the right to get through. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> there are new developments this morning in the massive toyota recall. the automaker announcing more recalled vehicles. they are experiencing trouble with floor mats. this is on the
against an animal shelter. peta says the staff is untrained. the shelter run by the washington humane society is fighting back. robbie chaf vedz has the -- chavez has the investigation. >> reporter: peta accuses the shelter of grows incompetence. but adoptions are up 10 percent. peta fired off this letter to the mayor demanding action. >> i suspect that some of the things that they are doing violate the d.c. cruelty code. >> reporter: it's a stinging criticism from peta, alleged inhuman conditions. >> you can see a dog with wound that are severe. >> reporter: peta says their own investigation shows animals living in urine, diseased and unsanitary conditions. >> untrained, rude to the public and unresponsive to calls. >> they care so much about these animals. they are hurt and upset by this and i feel an obligation to defend them because this is not the washington humane society >> reporter: we wanted to give you an independent look inside the washington animal shelter but the city and department of health resed to allow the cameras inside. as a result, you won't get to look firsthand.
this week to try to do just that. >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> former president clinton and his daughter are on the ground in haiti at the port-au-prince airport. the former president offered elbow grease helping to unload supplies he is expected to meet the haitian president. since joining forces last week with former president bush the two have raised $8 million for relief efforts. >>> meantime, president obama and the first lady visited the heart of the relief effort in washington. touring the disaster operation center the red cross headquarters in dc, the president personally thanked the staff for working around the clock to bring aid to survivors in haiti. >>> confusion at a donation drive led to frustration among volunteers trying to help haiti. they called for assistance to sort through a mountain of donations at a warehouse in southeast. a huge response was more than the embassy bargained for. matt ackland is live at the live. >> hundreds gathered at this warehouse behind me to sort supplies and put them in the right boxes but would you believe it, too ma
night, in the afternoon through friday afternoon. it's mostly west of town including washington county, the panhandle of west virginia for freezing rain which may accumulate a quarter inch of ice then a mix of sleet to snow friday before ending. problem areas out there. all of us after midnight may see a mix. let's talk about that. any light mix of rain should stay south of d.c. tonight. the main event is thursday afternoon into friday. i don't think we will see anything until after 8:00. it will start as rain, change to sleet then freezing rain for the whole metro area then end as snow friday with small accumulation and probably delays friday morning, especially as we look west of town. tomorrow night is when the action gets going. max hd shows i the precipitation -- shows you the precipitation. as we head into tomorrow, 9:00, 10:00 before we see the rain and after midnight when we see the mix. sometime friday when we see snow. here is the five-day forecast. we get it out of here. friday 38. it will end midday. heading to 28. we have to watch the wet spots friday night. no problem sat
of the wild wild west but here in washington, d.c., a showdown at gunpoint inside the verizon center. published reports indicate gilbert arenas faced off with another player. >> reporter: gilbert arenas left practice today without commenting leaving just seconds after reports were allowed inside. as players left the court for the showers, some of them stopped to talk but claim they knew something of the alleged gun play between teammates. [ indiscernible ] >> i don't know nothing about that. >> you ever seen any guns in the locker room? >> no. >> people are going to investigate, look into it and do their job. we'll do ours. >> basically the teams released a statement. >> reporter: the statement in whole read, the washington wizards take the situation and the ongoing investigation very seriously. we are continuing to cooperate fully with the proper authorities and the nba and we'll have no further comment at this time. on christmas eve the team released a statement which reads in part: the washington wizards have learned that gilbert arenas stored firearms in a locked container his lo
in and around d.c., the water winding up in their homes starts here. the washington acquestion duct turning up 1 ate million gallons every day. >> it will be safe to dripping. >> he runs the washington aqueduct and is overseeing a big change in how they see the water in the potomac river. >> it's good, however, there would always be bacteria and viruses ithe water. >> reporter: how they kill it is what is about to champ. chlorine gas is used. since it trucked in in containers, theoretically, it would be an attractive target that. ed to build a chlorine bomb. >> it's not available for an accident or criminal activity or someone who interfere with the water supply. >> construction is underway on a new building, what is the difference? for starters, it reduces the opportunity for terrorists to steal or release the gas and is less volatile for workers on site. this may not sound like a big homeland security issue, it is. the water system's sety and security has been on the radar screen for quite some time. >> it's a good thing. >> councilman phil mendelson, the chairman of the public safety committe
have some dense fog as well. particularly to the south and east of washington where there is a dense fog advisory south of fredericksberg and east towards salisbury and ocean city. here is a look at your temperatures. and parts of the area still below or at freezing, 32 in dallas and 32 in frederick and 31 in washington. we're not concerned with icing in downtown washington but off to the north and west, a lot of communities below the freezing mark. here is a look at your satellite radar. we got rid of the shower activity and we had some snow shower activity along with a winter weather advisory last night and that's pushed off nd it should be a decent day with a mix of sun and clouds expected. as a cold front moves through winds will pick up this afternoon and things will get gusty. winds gusting up to 15-20, 25 miles per hour and that will bring in chillier air for the weekend. i'll have more coming up. but today relatively mild. plenty of clouds becoming breezy with a high temperature of 41 degrees. i'll be back to look at the weekend coming up. tony, back to you. >> tucker, thank
's what makes i think my profession a great one. >> george washington, losers of three in a row hosting richmond. a nice son and daddy moment bonding there. the colonials tony taylor drives baseline. he get as nice reverse lay-in here. george washington led by 3. with just over a minute left in the game, tied at 55, kevin anderson shakes and bakes, hits the jumper. he had 21 points. gw beaten by richmond. elsewhere navy in white hosting rival army. the mid rallied behind this man chris harris. he had a game high 30 points. navy over army 62-56. the midshipmen lead the all time series on the hardwood. tony bennett and the cavaliers on the road against lake forest. they're 3-0 in acc play. he final seconds, harris hits the three at the buzzer. second half ismael smith to tony woods for the alley-oop. virginia can't fight back. they suffer their first acc loss falling to wake 69-57. the shot of the day in blacksburg. a fan letting it fly from half court witno arcut he makes it. that's a $10,000 shot. the hokies with a 63-62 lead. bc would have a final chance but reggie jackson turn it is o
of that generally pushing to the south. kind of falling apart as it gets into the washington area. a chance for some snow showers, a few snow flurries in today's forecast. we are not expecting any widespread accumulation. temperatures are cool. 29 at reagan national. 28 in baltimore. our high temperatures today will be in the upper 30s in a couple of spots. maybe i daresay 40 in places liked from rickburg. ments a possibility we could see 40. don't get used to it. we have colder weather on the way. it will be breezy as well. mid-30s by noon. >> event upper 30s sound pretty good. >> and tony will be right in. he is putting the final touches on the forecast. >> let's check in with julie wright and say good morning to her. >> i did see a few snow flurries out in gaithersburg when i hit the roads this morning. lanes are open along 270. overnight construction we were dealing with near 118 in germantown has cleared. no incidents to report if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway leaving college park through silver spring. lanes are open coming across the american legion bridge both on the utter
crittenton as the washington wizards players are suspended for the season without pay, both of them. earlier this month, crittenton pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. >>> more details emerge about the deadly crash on the rails. a maintenance truck driving in reverse hit and killed two men tuesday in rockville. that truck did have a back- autopsy large that beeps when the truck is in reverse but it may have been automatically disabled. over the last five years, more than half of the transit workers killed in the united states worked for metro. >>> a virginia family's worst nightmare has come true. police say human remains found on a farm are morgan harrington. the 0-year-old from roanoke disappeared in october after attending a metallica concert in charlottesville. her body was found tuesday in a remote field about 10 miles from the venue. official are working to determine the cause of death. >>> now to reports of a miracle rescue in haiti where french crews pulled a 17-year-old girl from the rubble more than two week after the devastating earthquake. they say she may have had some access to w
, winchester, 36. to the low 40s. washington, 40 degrees. fredericksburg, 4 # for a high. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> boy, don't those 40s sound good. thank you. >>> let's get a look at traffic early this morning. >> we are starting off pretty quiet traveling the beltway between annandale and merrifield. 395 coming across the 14th street bridge, the lane are open with light easy traffic coming across the potomac. for those traveling up in montgomery county, the problem is an accident along university boulevard as you try to make your way past piney branch. no accidents to report on the northbound side. southbound traffic still blocked at the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> now torkts breaking news we're following this morning. a staggering blow to an already impoverished country. >> haiti hit by a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake. chaos in the streets. the national palace crumbled. sarah simmons is in fairfax county where a rescue team is set to deploy. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. the fairfax county s
and it is picking some up right around the washington area. so what this says to me that is there is a little bit falling from the clouds but not really hitting the ground but the fact that it is falling from the clouds is enough for me to want to say that you could encounter a light flurry or sprinkle this morning as you head out the door. we'll keep our eyes on that. that is what is showinup there. no reports of anything hitting the ground. here is a look at the bus stop forecast as you get the kids ready for school this morning. temperatures in the mid-30s, low to mid-30s depending on where you are. mostly cloudy skies. cool start to the day. sunrise will be 7:18. it will be mostly cloudy this morning. current temperature, 36 in town. humidity has gone up so more moisture in the atmosphere. your forecast for today, a mild day, not bad. temperatures ranging from the mid-40s to the low 50s. 50 in town. 51 in waldorf. 47 in winchester and it will become rather breezy this afternoon. wind blowing around 15 to 25 miles per hour gusting higher than that as a cold front comes through. so there you go
, everybody. it is january 1th. there is a live look at the washington monument and the temperature just above 0 degrees which is pretty nice. haven't seen that in a while. thank you for being here. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say good morning to tony perkins as we look towards hopefully better things out there today. we'll see temperatures i think similar to what we had yesterday. we will have gradually ng condi course of this week. as we mentioned yesterday and by the end of the week, upper 40s. let's take a look at what is happening right now. it is not as cold as it was yesterday. current temperature, 31 degrees at reagan national airport. relative humidity, 42%. your winds out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar. we do have clouds in over us as opposed to yesterday morning when we had fairly clear skies. some clouds down to the south and those clouds are going to be continuing to clear out as the morning and the day progress. we'll have a good amount of sunshine for the day today. here is a look
. we've dropped off now to 37 degrees in washington. # 2 in gaithersburg. quantico, 38. annapolis, 37. dulles is 36. winchester, coming in at 4 degrees at this hour. satellite-radar, big picture for the mid-atlantic. you've got a lot of clouds this morning. we'll have more clouds working their way in here later on today. i think we'll have a mostly cloudy day. a little bit of sun here and there but that will about do it for us. some snow falling across portions of new england. forecast for washington for today looks like this. early showers, not just possible but likely. we are seeing them now. mix of sun and clouds later on today and a cooler day. high only about 46 degrees. that is still above normal. then for your five-day forecast, problems begin tomorrow. let me just say this. late tonight into early tomorrow morning, some of our viewers to the south and west, you could see some freezing rain and some sleet. tomorrow, the clouds build in late in the day. precipitation begins as a cold rain in the district. but again, some areas north and west this time could see freezing rain, sl
, allison and steve. >> the big question that we had, april, here in washington we're looking at things from a national perspective and what this means for the parties. but the biggest question we've had ould like his own home town. he crisscrossed the state and reached out to the voters. martha coakley's campaign was very low-key. they didn't even call on president obama until just this last weekend when they felt they really needed him. people were able to relate to brown because he went out -- he did what you see most politicians do, he got out there on the streets, shaking hands. we didn't see that with martha coakley. perhaps she and her campaign felt they were entitled tobut r can have a say and in fact, they have. >> we've seen entitlement and politics don't go together. thank you. we know it's a busy day for so many folks up there. and the president even saying he was surprised and frustrated by the results of the race. too much, too late, i guess. >> and we'll talk about that the special election in massachusetts and we'll get a bipartisan reaction to republican scott brown's win an
case for turning things around. >>> we are taking a look at the washington monument this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> that was a beautiful shot this morning. a little chilly outside today. >> we'll see if temperatures kind of hold steady for this tme of year. >> you know, i think that the best way to characterize yesterday and today, a very typical day for washington, d.c. in the month f january p we'll see seasonal temperatures. we're seeing them right now. we'll see them later today too. take a look at the regionals out there. currently in washington, it is 32 degrees. so yep, cold start to the day. elsewhere in our community, temperatus are in the 20s. so generally speaking, temperatures range from 25 to 32 degrees this morning. # up in pittsburgh. 31 in new york city. richmond, virginia is at 32 degrees. all right. here also look at the satellite- radar composite. skies are relatively clear right now as you look out towards the west. towards the north, you will see some more cloud cover. some of those clouds will work their way in here during the course
for a job, we have just the event for you. details behind today's washington post megacareer expo. that's next. much more ahead this morning. don't go anywhere.  >>> we're back with a fox 5 follow-up. we're waiting for word from d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee. some members of the city council and the washington teachers union are demanding answers after some aalmosting allegations -- alarming allegations were made to a national magazine. she was discussing the 266 teachers laid off last year reportedly because of budget concernsch she told fast company magazine, i got rid of teachers who had hit children, who had sex with children, who had missed 78 days of school. earlier on fox 5 morning news, city leaders reacted. >> did you ever get any paperwork on any of these charges, the charging themselves, quite serious, including the sexual misconduct charge? >> no. >> so you did not? >> did not. >> so where does that leave the council? >> we'll certainly, and i know the wtu will do what they need to do and so will we, which is try to some answers. >> and i think the chance
and south and east of the district. washington, d.c. itself is a little bit dry right now. we've had rain but it's not raining in d.c. at the moment. farther out to the west not bad, but towards front royal, winchester and places like that, it's raining there and that's a good line of heavy rain there. no reports of thunder at this hour. i wouldn't rule out some thunder here and there. but for the most part it's just rain. let's take a look at the area covered by a flood watch. it includes washington, d.c., all of the close-in counties and including prince wiliam county and flood watch in affect until 1:00 this afternoon. out to the west, although we're not showing it on the map, some of the counties are under a flood warning. also a coastal flood warning in affect until 6:00 this evening for the tidal potomac and chesapeake bay. these are wind gusts, 35 mile- per-hour wind gusts at reagan national. 36 in baltimore, 45 at dulles. so there are your gusty winds. that will be a problem through the morning. there is a wind advisory in affect until 0:00 and then the winds will die down but sti
are in the 30s across most of the region. here in washington it is indeed 39 at this hour. relative humidity at 46%. winds out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour. that's the big difference on temperature and winds. winds greatly diminished from yesterday morning and yesterday during the day. here is a look at the satellite radar. there are clouds mixed with the sun coming up in just a little while. so we'll see a paly sunny sky for the morning and in deed for the day as well. precipitation remains out to the west in the form of snow. the rain that we saw has pushed well off to the east, although there is lingering precipitation in the northeast. your forecast for washington for today looks like this -- partly sunny, much cooler than yesterday's high in the 60s. today we're looking for a high of about 45 degrees. i'll have more details on all of that coming up in just a little bit. steve and allison back to you. >>> before we get to julie wright we want to talk about the breaking news having a huge impact on the commute. another tragic act on the metro. >> two workers were killed near the r
cool air to transition the cold rain which will start here tonight in washington over to this wintry mix which will include the possibility of a little freezing rain around here, maybe some sleet, and you get the idea. maybe even snow in downtown washington before all is said and done. either way, it should all be out of here i think by tomorrow afternoon. and by tomorrow evening we'll be left with cold conditions to start the weekend. so this won't be an all-day -- it won't last for too long of a period of time and i don't think we'll see significant snow accumulation here in washington. off to the north and west where i showed you the winter orm watch, you could see snow totals maybe 2-4 inches of snow. here in washington no advisories at this hour and i would expect accumulations to be held down because we'll see sleet and freezing rain. so maybe a slushy inch of snow across the immediate washington area. increasing clouds and high temperature only 40 degrees. winds out of the east at 5-10. the problems keep going tonight. i mentioned the winter storm watch off to the west. overni
around the region. 28-degree in washington. 26 in baltimore. dulles at 27 degrees. winchester, 4 and at ocean city, it is 26 degrees. your forecast for today looks like this. you will see a mix of clouds and sun. i think mostly clouds i'm few flurries possible through the course of the day. highs in the mid 0s. let's get to julie wright to get an update on traffic. >> we'll check out the ride courtesy of the crew in sky fox. the beltway is not looking so bad. for those traveling off of northbound i-95, you are definitely slow as you work your way northbound leaving potomac mills headed out towards route one. you will find more slow traffic as you work your way out of newington headed up to the springfield interchange. traffic headed northbound slowing out of springfield north of 644 continuing across the beltway and out towards edsall road and up towards duke street. this is pretty typical for your morning commute. below speed headed out towards landmark and the traffic slows again crossing the 14th street bridge headed out towards the exits for the southeast- southwest freeway.
the argument? and our power player of the week. young man who tells washington's top reporters when they're wrong. all right now. on "fox news sunday." and hello, again, from fox news in washington. the new focus here in the capital is on job creation. there was some good news friday about strong fourth quarter growth. joining us to talk about the economy, the president's revised agenda and more are four key congressional players. gentlemen, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> good to be here. >> chris: start with the big picture. congressman ryan, top republican on the house budget committee, you called the president's "state of the union" speech "insincere" and then you added this -- "instead of changing course, he inched his rhetoric a bit to the middle while doubling down on the substance of policies he's been pushing all along." now the president proposed a spending freeze. he proposed tax credits. he proposed eliminating the capital gains tax for all investment and small business, to paraphrase him in the "state of the union," why aren't you guys applauding? >> the spending freez
't beat it. >> reporter: who needs a winning lottery ticket, in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> metro working to keep riders satisfied. the agency is trying to improve the safety image with new s. one of those is raising eyebrows. posted on the blog unstuck d.c. metro, the poster shows a group of about 60 metro bus drivers and reads these are some of the metro bus operators who know whrait means to go farther. they have driven more than 1 million accident free miles. there aren't quite as many million milers if you want -- as they want you to think. it appears a number of the people are photo shopped into the ad multiple times. here is the same driver twice. another y appears three times. either metro hired a lot of twins, triplets or there is more than meets the eye here. we contacted are the for comment. so far, haven't heard back. >>> do a double take when we see some of these potential snow totals coming our way. >> in the mountains, four days of up sloped snow. my family in erie, they got 18 inches. my nephew totaled his car in a white out. he's okay. the cold will sti
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